Cooling Services in Central Texas Includes:
Air Conditioners | A/C Units | Split-Systems

With an elite team of professional HVAC technicians, our cooling coverage extends to all unit types, including split gas, split heat pump, package gas, and package heat pump systems. These services range from regular system maintenance such as Bi-annual tune up’s that allow us the opportunity to prevent possible failure and outages by testing amps and voltage as well as checking for leaks and other weak components. But also by running diagnostics on system failure, component repair, system/component replacement, and new system installation. Our services are all-inclusive to your cooling system needs and cover all cooling systems and components such as compressors, air handlers, AC units, and more.

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Sonrise Services greatly appreciates your consideration in enlisting our company for your HVAC contracting services! Serving as your local HVAC contractors in Texas, our many professional services range from Air conditioning repair service, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, repair, maintenance, install for both commercial and residential properties.

Our customers are our number one priority! It is our mission to provide a quality product at an affordable rate and to leave our customers happy and satisfied with our products, services, and hospitality! If for any reason you are not pleased with our service or have any questions for us, we urge you to please give us a call!

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